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Tube Alliance operates 3 major sites with 100+ niches and daily traffic growing by 1-1.4 million hits every year. We work with 250+ affiliate programs that have already added 270,000+ videos.

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Traffic Increase

  • 100% reliable CDN solutions only.
    Powerful servers, cutting edge technology, state of the art software solutions.
  • Efficiently targeting mobile users.
    Growing, accumulating and monetizing mobile traffic, improving mobile user experience.
  • Constant traffic growth.
    Also over 270,000 added videos, growing amounts of organic search engine traffic.

Publishing your videos

250+ affiliate programs are already publishing videos in our network.

  • Banners and links from each video;
  • We do all the work;
  • Minimum duration: 5 minutes.
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Selling ad spots

Ads of our advertisers get up to 7,5 million daily impressions from our network.

  • NTV, popups, popunder, messenger ads;
  • Campaigns of any size and budget;
  • Detailed statistics.
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Buying your traffic

We take into account geo-targeting of your traffic.

  • The feed is fast and easy to set up;
  • Flat rate, clear conditions;
  • We pay every month with no hold.
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  • 3Jan

    Croco Tube Joins Tube Alliance

    Tube Alliance just got bigger. We relaunched Croco Tube, and this awesome tube site is now part of our network.
    The idea behind Croco Tube is slightly different from our other sites. Also, it’s better and more feature-packed than anything we’ve done before.
    We know our affiliates are itching to start sending traffic to Croco Tube while advertisers can’t wait to place their ads there. But wait just a little bit. The site is now about to go out of beta as we eliminate the final bugs and inconsistencies. In January, its mobile version will be launched, and in the end of the month affiliates will be able to send traffic while advertisers will be able to choose from a variety of spots.

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  • 18Dec

    New rates for buying traffic!

    Dear webmasters,
    Tube Alliance Team has some great news for you. We have completed a substantial update of our affiliate program introducing three major changes:
    1. We switched to our own real-time statistics system that doesn’t have the problems some of you might have experienced with our old Google Analytics based system.
    2. We completely changed our payment system – now it takes into account geo-targeting of your traffic and thus you automatically get paid more for “good” traffic.
    3. We introduced a three-stage reward system with personal bonuses calculated on a daily basis. This means once you start sending us traffic you will be eligible to receive one of the bonus stages according to your daily traffic volume ($10/day – first bonus stage, $50/day – second bonus stage, $100/day – highest bonus stage).
    We hope these changes will make working with us even more convenient and profitable for you. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact our support service at any time.
    Tube Alliance Team

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