Tube Alliance proudly presents
content sharing program for partners

Why join it? See reasons below!

  • Link to your paysite above the video player
  • Banner leading to your paysite below the player (banner designed by us)
  • Your other videos uploaded to our tube right below
  • Tons of backlinks to your paysite
  • Lots of daily views
  • A big, catchy banner linking to your site

Conversions may vary, the average ratio is 1:1450,
сompared to most traffic sources, this is much better.

You will be getting steady amounts of traffic for long periods of time. We never stop working to increase the traffic our tube sites are getting. So, the more videos you publish, the more traffic you will be getting in the long run.

How do I start?

If you have any questions regarding our Content Sharing Program or you have encountered any issues related to it, please contact us at Make sure your email has Content Sharing Program in the subject, and your message contains a detailed description of your issue. Talk to a manager now
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